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What’s lurking at the back of your shed?

What’s gathering dust in your attic?

Broken…bits missing…going rusty?

Knowle West Media Centre and Ludic Rooms are inviting people on a journey of social archaeology to rediscover and repurpose the playable gems hidden among the dusty piles of forgotten “junk” lurking in attics, garages and sheds.

Using play, story-telling, art, these re-discovered artefacts (from rusty bike wheels & old sledges to dusty console controllers & forgotten Furbies) will be remixed and reborn as new participative games that bring everyday streets alive and build connections between people. 

Our 'toy trike' spent weeks travelling around Knowle West inviting people to get involved in the project.

We hosted all kinds of events and workshops…

You can find out more about what we did and what we learned on our blog

Knowle West Street Collections

The ‘toy trike’ spent weeks around the streets gathering your toys, games and stories.

Family Remix Sessions

We worked with artists, facilitators and community experts to design new games out of your old stuff.

Circuit Bending Workshop

We worked with groups of young people to take old electronic toys apart and repurpose them to do something new.

The Forgotten Toys Compendium is part of the Bristol 2015 Neighbourhood Arts Programme.

Created by Ludic Rooms 2015

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